Hi! My name's Gira.
I'm an Associate Creative Director based out of Toronto. Thanks for checking out my portfolio. 
You might be wondering about my ever-present affinity for the 1992 cult-classic, Wayne’s World.
I believe it embodies everything I try and apply to my work; it’s funny, quotable, and timeless. It can make you laugh, cry, or even hurl—but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Because last time I checked, the reason we all got into this business was to have a little fun. 
Now, I could've wooed you with the usual pitch about how I’ve worked at some of Canada’s top-tier ad agencies, running international accounts like BMO and Labatt. I could’ve talked about my love for design, and my obsessive attention to every detail, from which emoji to use in post copy to what kind of phone case should the main character in this spot be holding. Or perhaps I could've bragged a little about ranking as the 14th best Art Director in Canada on the 2019 Strategy Report Card, or that i've been recognized by the Webby Awards, The One Show and the ADCC's  - But if I did all that, I’d be acting like a real Benjamin.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you’re probably a little lost by now, and definitely missing out.
Go watch it.

 But first, send me an email if you need any help and think I might be a good fit.  
Unlike Wayne, I WILL bow down to ANY corporate sponsor 🙌
Thank you!
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